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Welcome to Top Star Industries (Pvt) Limited.

In Top Star Industries (Pvt) Ltd., we recognize the value and power of tapping into the full spectrum of ideas and abilities that people possess. Doing just that has been a strong part of Top Star Industries past success and is crucial for seizing the opportunities ahead. We are competing in a global marketplace, and we know that our growth will depend on an increasingly diversification, our ideas and global team

In Top Star Industries we are largest manufacturer of one of the finest qualities of Mats covering from Plastic Floor Mats also called Synthetic Sleeping Mat, Out Door Mat, Beach Mats, Sleeping Mats, Masjid Mats (Jai Namaz and Saff), Hajj Mats and Relief Items used by UNHCR / UNICEF / Other UN Agencies & NGO's, Our strength comes from the combination of what we have in common, like our shared values, vision and purpose, as well as what makes us different; such as our quality, experiences and perspectives.

We will grow as an industry and now opening branches in different countries, We will grow as people and team when we encourage different viewpoints and ways of thinking – differences that come through diversity. That is what leads to true insights and innovative practices.

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